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Limited Edition Posters & Art Prints

Narrow Bridge Art Print © 2011: This beautiful, limited edition art print is attached to a 11"X14" black matt and wrapped in a poly sleeve, signed and dated by artist Eliezer Sobel. Print: $14.95 COMING SOON!


Songs of Prayer and Silence CD © 2004: A beautiful series of contemplative Hebrew chants that soothe the soul, still the mind and open the heart. The songs were developed by David & Shoshana Cooper, Eliezer Sobel, and Robert Esformes in a retreat setting as a daily morning practice. BUY NOW: $15.00

The Last American Gladiator Storytelling CD © 2011:Created by award-winning Storyteller Slash Coleman, this CD comprises his childhood stories that have made him popular with audiences nationwide. BUY NOW
: $14.95

The Neon Man and Me Soundtrack CD © 2008 The score from the award-winning PBS Special and Off-Brtoadyway production, this album by Slash Coleman and the Neon Man band blossoms from an authentic, rich, and poetic Americana sound. BUY NOW: $7.95


The Neon Man and Me on PBS DVD © 2008: Filmed at PBS studios in Richmond, VA and created by award-winning producer Paul Roberts, this show captures the inspiring and uplifting comedy about best friend that explores family, following your heart and a journey home. BUY NOW: $19.95

The Neon Man and Me in San Francisco DVD © 2006: Slash Coleman's award-winning performance filmed at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, this DVD includes: Glow The Documentary and two music videos. BUY NOW:$12.95

The 99th Monkey (Santa Monica Press © 2008) Join Eliezer as he leads you through a his 30-year quest for spiritual awakening. His clear-eyed account will take you around the world through a gauntlet of gurus, shamans, workshops and retreats, not to mention sex and drugs. BUY NOW:$12.95

Wild Heart Dancing Book (Simon & Schuster © 1999) Eliezer Sobel's step-by-step program will help you to explore all aspects of the creative process and discover abilities you may not know you have. A fun and refreshing break from your usual routine, a day with Wild Heart Dancing will help you to rediscover your passion for living and tap into your own artistic powers. BUY NOW: $13.95

Minyan (Univ. of Tennessee Press © 2004) Winner of the Peter Taylor Prize for the Novel, Eliezer Sobel chronicles Norbert Wilner, a man who has mastered the art of arrested development. At thirty seven, he lives in New York City, still trying to find his place int he world and still hanging out with the Jewish guys he grew up with in the Jersey suburbs. BUY NOW: $32.00

Mordecai's Book (ES Books © 1999) Does he have a congregation? No. Did he go to seminary or yeshiva and get ordained? No. Does he understand a word of Hebrew? No. Is he versed in Torah and Talmud? No. What then, makes him a rabbi? Only one thing: He says so. Winner of the 2003 New Millennium Writings Award for Fiction, Eliezer Sobel does it again. BUY NOW: $9.95